Quarter Horse Show

The nation’s best Quarter Horses compete in Halter and Performance Classes - both western and English. You are invited to visit the stalls and see these magnificent animals up close. Don't miss the show on Saturday afternoon when you will see crowd favorites including the Stick Horse and Lead Line classes for children.

Today's Quarter Horse is the most versatile horse in the world. The American Royal Quarter Horse Show offers a wide variety of classes to showcase the versatility of these equine athletes. From halter to pleasure, reining to English, you will see why the Quarter Horse is not only the most versatile horse, but also the most popular breed of horse in the world.


  • 6 Judges
  • Flat Rate
  • Climate Controlled stalling area and show arena
  • Progressive Dinner
  • Managed by Mark Harrell Horse Shows

Congratulations Quarter Horse Winners: 2017 Results

Circuit & High Point
S/C 1 Sept 7-8
S/C 2 Sept 9-10

2017 Sponsors
  • Rick Adkins

    Barbie Evans Performance Horses

    Metro & Ranch Inc.

  • Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative

    Vicki McGuire


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