A Royally Record-Breaking Sale

October 22, 2018

High anticipation of the 2018 Junior Premium Livestock Auction (JPLA) filled the Wagstaff Sale Center October 21. The JPLA Exhibitor Showcase and Reception preceded the auction where buyers and donors could meet the exhibitors and their families.

After the first weekend of the American Royal Livestock Show, four market champions and four reserve champions had been selected and were poised for the auction. The youth selling their livestock work year-round to prepare their animals for judging.

The 2018 Grand Champion Market Steer was purchased at a record $250,000 by the Kemper Foundation, followed by the Grand Champion Market Hog that went for a record-breaking $30,000 by Brian Illig. The Grand Champion Market Lamb was purchased by the Kemper Foundation for $7,500, and the Grand Champion Market Goat was bought at $13,000 by the Patterson Foundation.

In comparison, last year’s Grand Champion Market Steer and Hog sold for $220,000 and $25,000 respectively.

The Patterson Foundation purchased the Reserve Champion Market Steer for $16,000 and the Grand Champion Market Hog for $17,000. David Stofer bought the Grand Champion Market Lamb $11,000. American Royal Board also supported the sale by purchasing the Grand Champion Market Goat for $6,500.

A total of 65 animals were sold, with division champions also making the sale. A portion of each sale is contributed to the American Royal to fund education programs and scholarships.