Behind the Scenes; In the Spotlight

October 21, 2018

A show the size of the American Royal would not be possible without the diligent work and effort of dedicated individuals. This team of livestock enthusiasts is passionate about the mission of the association, helping to ensure the show runs smoothly and exhibitors have a memorable time.

One member of this team is the Livestock Show Manager, Brian Anderson.

Anderson’s responsibilities include anything related to livestock in the barns, including selection of judges with the recommendation of breed associations.

When asked, Anderson said his favorite part of his position is “obviously the people.”

“I enjoy having the opportunity to give them a good family experience while they’re in Kansas City,” Anderson said.

Anderson showed at the American Royal a “long time ago”. He credits those experiences as some that have helped him understand the show environment.

“Having a background in showing livestock, I can translate that into giving others a meaningful and positive experience,” Anderson said.

Anderson is passionate about kids and enjoys junior weekend the most.

“Junior weekend is fun because of how many kids are here having good experiences,” Anderson said. “Watching them winning a ribbon or playing football in the parking lots, I like seeing the excitement and smiles on their faces.”