Royal Blue, Royal New

October 27, 2018

The American Maine-Anjou Association Junior Board of Directors entered Kansas City with a fresh, new look. Board members sported royal blue jackets for the first time at the American Royal.

“I love the change,” said Hannah Topmiller, At-Large Director. “I think royal blue is a fun color, and it definitely stands out among the breed.”

Paige Jones, Maine-Anjou Association director of media and member services, said the American Maine-Anjou Association was ready for a change and was looking for a way to stand out among other breed associations.

“It is all about building a brand and we are definitely starting to do that,” Topmiller said.

Topmiller said it is the junior board’s responsibility to promote and represent the brand in a positive way.

The junior board does this by attending shows and events, working with youth, planning junior nationals and obtaining sponsorships for the association.

Look for the Junior Board, and their new jackets, to make an appearance at other national shows, including next summer’s junior national show. The theme for the 2019 American Maine-Anjou Junior Nationals is “Double Down in Des Moines.” The show is set for June 23 to 28 in Des Moines, Iowa.