Contestant Information

Welcome to the American Royal! Join us for the 69th Pro Rodeo, September 28-29 in Hale Arena.



Horse Information

  • Please have a current health certificate (last 30 days) and Coggins test (one year) for each horse brought onto the property.
  • Stalling is FREE. Please stall in the ProRodeo Contestant reserved stalls. Please note stalls are on concrete.  The feed room has shavings for sale for $9 a bag.  You may bring your own shavings.
  • An exercise pen will be available in Lot A (shown on map)
  • Tack Taxis will be on site to assist in unloading
  • Warm up will be in Tom Bass Arena (shown on map)

American Royal Complex Map


Parking and Directions



Parking for all contestants will be in Lot A, located South of the arena

Contestant Directions
Plan Your Visit





  • Food and drink is provided for all contestants and their families for slack and all performances
  • A live feed of the rodeo will be shown in the hospitality area
  • Located on the West side of the stalling area, hours will be posted






  • Located at the far North West end of stalling towards Hale Arena
  • Have a question? A Help Desk will we located directly outside the Secretaries Office, please stop by for a goody bag.
  • American Royal's Payout Policy - The PRCA requires us to have the payout money deposited in their bank account 3 business days prior to the scheduled payoff date. The scheduled payoff date is the first business day following your last performance (Monday). The PRCA secretary handles paying out the contestants.


Showers/Locker Rooms




Located at the far North West end of stalling towards Hale Arena, across from the Secretary’s office