Animal Care

Exhibitors and their animals are very important to us. Our goal at the American Royal is to create and maintain an environment where livestock, equine, exhibitors and visitors can co-exist in a safe and enjoyable facility.

The American Royal has recently placed a strong emphasis on bio-security in efforts to prevent animal diseases and support pathogen control for harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli.

Pathogen Control: We have recently completed a comprehensive assessment of our entire site. As a result, we have improved our information and education outreach as well as our sanitation and record keeping practices in order to keep our facility as clean and sanitary as possible.

Bio-Security: We have recently implemented a comprehensive bio-security protocol to minimize the risk of disease transmission from animals to humans, as well as between animals.

Exhibition Biosecurity - Goats
Exhibition Biosecurity - Sheep
Exhibition Biosecurity - Pigs
Exhibition Biosecurity - Cattle
Exhibition Biosecurity - Horses
Biosecurity Exhibitor Document
AR Animal Health Protocols