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For additional information or inquiries, please contact us at the following:

American Royal Association
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  • Step one: Nominations are received via the online nomination form that is open from June to April. Anyone is encouraged and welcome to nominate an individual for this pristine honor.
  • Step two: Once the nomination timeline for that year is complete (April), the nomination period will close and all nominations that were received + nominations that were received for the two previous years are reviewed by the nominating committee.
  • Step three: During the month of May, the nominating committee will review, research, and narrow down the nominations to the top 9 semi-finalists. These semi-finalists are selected by their overall commitment and impact to the BBQ community.
  • Step four: Once the 9 semi-finalists are selected, they go through the final voting process. The final voting process occurs in May and each individual from the nominating committee + each living inductee is allowed to vote for three individuals to be inducted.
  • Step five: Once all the results are in, the top three semi-finalists who received the most votes become the new inductees for that year and are announced at the end of May.

Three individuals are inducted each year. Prior to 2017, the individuals inducted were in one of three separate categories: Business/Industry, Celebrity/Humanitarian, and Pitmaster. In 2017, the specific categories were removed and nominees were selected based on overall impact to the world of BBQ as many of the nominees represented more than one category.

New in 2020: The Barbecue Hall of Fame Legacy Category honors deceased individuals whose contributions to barbecue excellence helped establish the rich barbecue tradition we enjoy today. Barbecue is a centuries-old culinary art and  this category will recognize individuals whose formative influence came before the modern era of competitions and food media.

Nomination and Induction Process:

Nominations for the Legacy Category may be made by the general public and members of the Hall’s nomination committee. The nomination committee will determine the final class of Legacy Category inductees each year. No more than three (3) individuals will be inducted into the Legacy Category in any given year.

Please note, this is a different category than those who were inducted prior to 2012.

April 21, 2021

May 26, 2021

The Barbecue Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is held during the American Royal World Series of Barbecue®. It will take place on the main stage on Saturday before the Awards Ceremony for the Kids Que and Invitational BBQ Contests. For more information on the ceremony and Hall of Fame events, visit BBQ HOF Events.

Current Barbecue Hall of Fame Nominating Committee members and past living Barbecue Hall of Fame inductees. Check back soon for information on the nominating committee.