Welcome to the American Royal Field Trip!

Perhaps you have joined us at the American Royal Complex in the past to experience agriculture education, hands on learning, and watched the Youth Rodeo, or maybe you are new to the American Royal - either way, we are happy you are here and ready to experience food and agriculture in a whole new way.

What can you expect from the virtual American Royal Field Trip?

First Friday Field Trips - Following our September 11 launch, we will release our Field Trip content on the first Friday of each month during the academic year.

  • Welcome and pre-lessons- Sheriff Terry will welcome you and your students each month to the topic of the lesson followed by one of our Royal Scholars setting the stage for the learning objectives of the lesson.

  • Virtual tours - each month we will have a guided virtual tour of production agriculture, innovation and technology or the food system. The tours will connect with the theme for each month.

  • Lesson plans and activities- our team will provide you with lesson plans and video demonstrates for activities you can do with your students in your classroom.

  • Recommended Reading - want to continue learning about the topic each month? Check out our list of books related to our food, animal or agriculture topics.

  • Quick quiz- to finish up the session each month, you will be asked to complete a short quiz to assess your interest in the topic, relevance and the additional learning components that were offered. We want to know what your students learned!

Each month we will select books, videos, and additional information to compliment the theme. Explore the topic in as great of depth as you and your students like.

Click here to check out our virtual Field Trip and to register.