American Royal Native Helps Mentor Young Exhibitors

October 29, 2016

American Royal Native Helps Mentor Young Exhibitors

Heifer Showmanship judge uses personal showing experience to help mentor the young livestock exhibitors.

This year’s Junior Heifer Showmanship Show proved to be nothing short of difficult. Well, that most definitely was the case for the judge, Torie Schwartz, who had to select from several junior, intermediate and senior division exhibitors to crown an Overall Heifer Showman.

“This competition was definitely tough,” Schwartz said. “The junior division was just as great as the senior division, I just had to go with who I thought had it all put together.”

Having a passion for the livestock industry and a greater love for helping young kids, Schwartz was excited to help mentor some of the exhibitors who would walked through the ring this year.

“I was in their same exact shoes a few years ago,” Schwartz said. “This was my sport. I never played basketball or softball or any of the athletic type sports, this ring and my show calf was my sport and my passion.”

Schwartz’s passion for the exhibitors and the cattle industry showed today as she individually talked with each exhibitor to give tips and advice on what they could do better to help their showmanship skills. Schwartz was looking for exhibitors who showed confidence and poise but weren’t overly confident. Schwartz also stated that she was looking for the participant’s “game face” to be on at all times and also how well the exhibitor could mesh with their animals.

In addition to Schwartz questions for the kids, she also asked some participants to switch animals with another exhibitor. Her reasoning behind this was simple; she believes that any good exhibitor can keep their composure and skills when placed with another calf.

A native of the American Royal Livestock Show and also Rossville, Indiana, Schwartz grew up raising pure bread Shorthorn cattle with her family and showing heifers at various major shows. She attended Black Hawk East College where she also judged livestock. Schwartz finished her college career at Western Illinois University and is currently a manager of Osborn Barr in Kansas City, Missouri.

A true passion for the cattle industry and an even greater love for mentoring kids with showmanship, Schwartz left an everlasting impression on each exhibitor that walked though the ring.

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