A very warm welcome to the American Royal National Agriculture and Events Center

March 28, 2018

April 15, 2018

I could not be more excited about the American Royal’s imminent move to a beautiful, purpose built, state of the art home in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Our new digs will be spectacular and I am excited to tell you that the project is moving into high gear.

Over the past year, our design team has traveled across North America to benchmark other facilities, met with various individuals at visioning meetings to hear ideas on what to build, and completed hours of research to design a state-of-the art facility that will serve as the nation’s “hub for agriculture.” Currently, we are completing legal matters, beginning our road show to identify investors, and continuing to learn from various constituents to make sure our new facility meets everyone’s detailed needs. As we accelerate ahead we want to invite you to experience this journey with us.

I am excited to reveal that a website has been created for our new American Royal home. This site will serve as a place to keep you up to date on all happenings as we countdown to opening. The site will include blog posts, status updates, news articles, project mission documents, project timelines, FAQ’s, and a feedback form for you to tell us what YOU want to see in the new complex.

For the past 118 years the American Royal has served to educate and promote Agriculture.  Our mission is as important today as it has ever been and with our move to Kansas we will significantly improve our ability to positively impact the future of agriculture.    So, again, welcome!  Please come on in and join us as we complete this epic revitalization.

Thank you for your support of the American Royal.


John Mitchell Jr.