Contestant Information

Welcome to the 71st American Royal Pro Rodeo!
September 25-26 in Hale Arena

Co-approved with Prairie and Southeastern Circuits

Slack Order: GB, SW, TR, TD

Only actual contestant and one companion allowed gate access.

$40,000 total added money. $5000 per event and both ends for team roping.

PRCA Entries
American Royal Complex Map

Horse Information

  • All horses must have an accompanying current (30 days) Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and Negative Coggins test (1 year).  CVI and Coggins test are to be in accordance with current state requirements and/or rodeo ground rules. The Rodeo Veterinarian will be checking papers onsite.  Only healthy livestock are allowed on the grounds. The Rodeo Veterinarian may perform a health assessment on any animal in question and will have final say on whether or not the animal may be on the grounds.
  • Stalling is FREE. Please stall in the ProRodeo Contestant reserved stalls. Please note stalls are on concrete.  The feed room has shavings for sale for $9 a bag.  You may bring your own shavings.
  • An exercise pen will be available in Lot A. No tie-outs allowed.
  • Tack Taxis will be on site to assist in unloading.
  • Warm up will be in Tom Bass Arena.

Facility Map

Parking and Directions

Parking is free for all contestants.  All contestant vehicles and trailers are allowed to park on the grounds in Lot A, located South of the arena. Electrical hook-ups are available on first come first serve basis. Water is available to fill up.

Facilities Map
Directions & Hotels



  • Food and drink is provided for all contestants and their families for slack and all performances
  • A live feed of the rodeo will be shown in the hospitality area
  • Located on the West side of the stalling area, hours will be posted



  • Located at the far North West end of stalling towards Hale Arena
  • Have a question? A Help Desk will we located directly outside the Secretary's Office.
  • American Royal's Payout Policy - The PRCA requires us to have the payout money deposited in their bank account 3 business days prior to the scheduled payoff date. The scheduled payoff date is the first business day following your last performance (Monday). The PRCA secretary handles paying out the contestants.


Showers/Locker Rooms

Inside the locker rooms there are showers located in the back room. The locker rooms are located at the far North West end of stalling towards Hale Arena, across from the Secretary’s office.

Facility Guidelines

All vendors participating in the ProRodeo should review the following rules and regulations prior to arriving at the American Royal.

Vender Rules & Regulations
Signage & Decorations Guidelines