An Unforgettable Year

February 27, 2017

After an unforgettable 2016 season, Momentum was the theme of the night at the 2017 American Royal Annual Meeting. Lynn Parman, President and CEO, reflected on the season sharing the organization’s accomplishments and record setting events.


Organizational Milestones

  • The creation of a new vision, mission, and purpose,
  • A complete rebranding including a new website and mobile app,
  • The delivery of unforgettable event experiences using the Disney model,
  • Improved operational excellence through the organization spanning from volunteer background checks to animal health and emergency protocols,
  • The creation of an American Royal Scholarship Fund, and
  • The announcement of a new home in Kansas.


Record Setting Events

  • Over 5,600 kids participated in School Tours – an increase of 700
  • More livestock were shown during the 2017 Livestock Show than in the past five years
  • More ProRodeo tickets were sold than in the last five years
  • Record setting gross sales of $732,200 at the Junior Premium Livestock Auction
  • Over 40,000 attended the Friday events at the World Series of Barbecue® setting a new record for attendance