Hunter / Jumper Horse Show


Nothing matches the excitement, fun and adrenaline rush of this Olympic-caliber jumping event: a showcase combining speed, athleticism and grace. You'll marvel as the best horses and riders in the country soar over huge fences in the $25,000 Roy A. Edwards, Jr. Memorial Grand Prix on Saturday evening. Victory requires strength and stamina with flawless execution. Another crowd favorite on Saturday evening will be the Children's Leadline Class.

$5,000 Hunter Derby
$20,000 American Royal Grand Prix
$25,000 Roy A. Edwards, Jr. Memorial Grand Prix

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Hunter/Jumper Horse Show
Hunter/Jumper Grand Prix

NEW in 2017: $25,000 Init2Winit Speed Series! Televised, national event. Top riders will qualify to compete in the $100,000 Championship at 1.45 meters held at the International Omaha.

Hunters vs. Jumpers

Hunters vs. Jumpers: What's the Difference?

Hunters - Horses may be any age or breed to show in the Hunter Division. Horses are not judged on time but on conformation, appearance, form and expertise over the fences, and their ability to maneuver the course at an even pace. As a horse's ability and experience increases, so does the difficulty of the course.

Jumpers - Jumpers may also be of any breed and are judged on their performance over jumps and the speed in which the jumping course is completed. The horse with the fastest, cleanest round (fewest rails knocked down, or faults) is the winner.

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