Hunter/Jumper Show Update:

The American Royal sent a survey to 2019 Hunter/Jumper exhibitors this summer to evaluate their readiness to attend events.  After reviewing the survey results, discussing expected attendance with show management and committee members, and with thoughtful consideration and committee support, it has been decided to suspend the 2020 Hunter/Jumper Horse Show hosted by the American Royal scheduled for October 6-10, 2020.  This decision did not come easy.  After a thorough review of the survey results, and listening to exhibitors and committee members, our show would not have the participation numbers needed to be financially responsible.  As a non-profit, these are some of the tough choices we have to make.

At this time, the American Royal does plan to host other 2020 events as scheduled and we hope you will consider joining us during another event.  We are looking forward to bringing the Hunter/Jumper Horse Show back to the American Royal in 2021 and ask you to mark your calendars for October 5-9th, 2021.  We can’t wait to welcome you back to the American Royal!


Hunters/Jumper Information

New to Hunter/Jumper?

Hunters vs. Jumpers: What's the Difference?

Hunters - Horses may be any age or breed to show in the Hunter Division. Horses are not judged on time but on conformation, appearance, form and expertise over the fences, and their ability to maneuver the course at an even pace. As a horse's ability and experience increases, so does the difficulty of the course.

Jumpers - Jumpers may also be of any breed and are judged on their performance over jumps and the speed in which the jumping course is completed. The horse with the fastest, cleanest round (fewest rails knocked down, or faults) is the winner.

American Royal's Payout Policy - Hunter/Jumper

USEF dictates we send payouts within 30 days of the conclusion of the show.

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