American Royal Media Pass Request 

Media passes will be required for all American Royal events. To view our full calendar of events, click here.

An American Royal media pass provides media access to events and activities in approved areas. Media passes do not include parking.

Qualified Media 

American Royal media passes are issued to broadcast, print, and internet media assigned to cover American Royal events. Requests must be submitted by the assigning authority (editor, news director, broadcast producer) at the media outlet. Credentials will be issued to authorized personnel, employed by the media outlet for the purpose of providing timely news coverage of American Royal events.

Freelance Journalists 

Freelance journalists are required to submit an assignment letter from the general manager, editor, or news director on official letter of the media outlet, and will only relieve media credentials if on assignment. Production companies are required to submit a letter from their broadcast organization providing details of the editorial coverage and footage required. Media credentials for freelance photographers without assignment will not be granted.

Online/Social Media 

Online/social media will be considered on a case-by-base basis. Only media with active news websites qualify for media considerations. The website must post original, dated and industry related news on a regular basis.  Social media without supporting news website will not be considered.


  • Commercial use of photography, video, and film taken at American Royal events is strictly prohibited without written consent of the American Royal media department.
  • The sale of photographs taken at American Royal events is strictly prohibited.
  • Logoed photographs are strictly prohibited. Shooting images and placing a photographers logo on any images taken at American Royal events is strictly forbidden.


Submitting a media pass form does not guarantee media access. All requests will be processed and applying media will be notified. Passes are not transferable and the American Royal reserves the right to cancel accreditation at any time.

Photographs, video, audio, or other defections of American Royal events must be used for the accredited media stated on the American Royal media pass form.

To apply for an 2024 American Royal media pass,  complete the form below. Please allow up to two weeks for your pass to be mailed. For questions or more information regarding media opportunities at the American Royal, please contact Allyssa King at [email protected] or 816-569-4003.