American Royal Complex Livestock Vendors

Get in front of thousands of livestock enthusiasts during the 2022 American Royal Livestock Show held October 6-23 in Kansas City, Missouri. Fill out the form below and sign up to become a vendor today!

Interested in receiving information about being a vendor at a 2022 American Royal events, please email [email protected].

2022 Vendor Rules and Regulations



Signage & Decorations Information

The American Royal has implemented the following signage and decorations policy. Please review the following information prior to setting up your vendor space. If you have any questions, please contact Macy Evans at [email protected].

Signage and Decorations

  • There is no signage allowed outside your assigned exhibitor space.
  • Decorations, signs, posters, etc., may not be taped, nailed, tacked, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, glass doors, marble, fabric, walls, etc.
  • Approved tape 3M 9589 (double side adhesive), 3M 471 (single side adhesive) and Gaffers tapes are the only approved products for booth markings and carpet applications within the facility.  Applied tapes and any residue must be removed from all surfaces prior to move-out.
  • Paint, shoe polish and unapproved tapes are not allowed to be used in the facility.
  • No drilling of the structure is allowed. Any means of attachment must be non-destructive to the structure.
  • Helium balloons are not allowed inside the facility. The Facility Manager may approve helium balloons if they are an integral part of the display.
  • Glitter and adhesive-backed decals are not permitted in the facility or on the premises.
  • All labor requirements for move-in/out, setup of display areas, etc. shall be the responsibility of show management and/or exhibitors and their service providers.