Beef Builder and Purebred Braunvieh Show Start the Day

October 21, 2017

A common misconception in the beef industry is that Braunvieh is a crossbred breed of cattle. The truth behind this breed is that fossil records show that they are possibly one of the first purebred breeds of cattle. Their strong numbers at the 2017 American Royal prove that the breed is still performing well by today’s standards.

Under the evaluation of Ashley Judge, Stillwater, Oklahoma, the Junior Beef Builder and Junior Purebred animals were selected. In the Junior Beef Builder Show, Vanessa Stinnett, Missouri, had the Grand Champion Heifer and Jalyn M Smith, Arkansas, had the Reserve Grand Champion Heifer. The Champion and Reserve Purebred Heifer was awarded to Ayden Wolken, Mississippi.

Dr. Dave Nichols was the judge for the Braunvieh Open Show. The 2017 title for the Beef Builder Grand Champion Heifer went to Darkside Braunvieh, Missouri and Vanessa Stinnett, Missouri, exhibited the Reserve Beef Builder Heifer. In the Purebred Show, Brink Livestock, Kansas, was awarded the Purebred Champion Heifer and Ayden Wolken, Mississippi, exhibited the Reserve Purebred Heifer.

In the Beef Builder Bull Show, Andrew Ross Gaddy, Missouri, exhibited the Grand Champion Bull and Darkside Braunvieh, Missouri, showed the Reserve Purebred Bull. The bull honors in the Purebred Show were awarded to Humpin H Ranch, Texas, and J-D Farms, Nebraska, had the Reserve Beef Builder Bull.

Congratulations to all Braunvieh Exhibitors!


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