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Tentative Livestock Schedule
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General Information

Livestock Show Premium Book
Livestock Health Requirements
Livestock Unloading Week 1
Livestock Unloading Week 2
DNA Guidelines
DNA Received As of 8/30/18
Lamb/Goat Fitting Contest Rules
Cattle Fitting Contest Rules


Lamb/Goat Fitting Contest Entry Form
Cattle Fitting Contest Entry Form

Junior Heifer & Open Cattle

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American Royal's Payout Policy - Livestock

Premium money will be mailed to exhibitors and can be expected by January 31st, 2019. The American Royal is not responsible for payment of “Specials” offered by breed associations or individuals. Judges’ Books will be used as the only evidence for payment of premiums. Ribbons are not accepted.

DNA Deadlines

All Market Animal DNA Due - August 10
Late DNA Deadline - August 17
($50 late fee per exhibitor)

DNA Guidelines
DNA Received As of 8/30/18

Ownership Deadlines

All Market Animals - August 10
Pedigreed Gilts - September 14
Junior Heifers - September 14

Entry Deadlines

Entries Due - September 14
Late Entry Deadline - September 21
($75 late fee per exhibitor)
Cattle Substitution Due - October 1
Pedigreed Guilt Substitution Due - October 1