American Hereford Association Takes Center Stage At The 2016 American Royal

October 31, 2016

American Hereford Association Takes Center Stage At The 2016 American Royal

Part of today’s show lineup featured some of the best Herford bred cattle in the nation. Amy Cowan, Director of Youth Activities and Foundation of The American Hereford Association, told us prior to the show that this is a great time to be a Hereford breeder.

Starting in 1899, the American Hereford Association hosted it first Hereford show. Since then, the Association has grown to over 3,000 junior members and 6,000 adult members.

This year, the American Hereford Association came home to the American Royal, which additionally was once the RJ Hereford Royal Show.

“We had tons of fun this week,” Cowan said. “We hosted the annual business meeting, which takes place each national show. We also elected new members onto our board and into the Honorary Inductee Hereford Foundation.”

In addition with electing new members, the association set a milestone in electing their first ever female President to serve the American Hereford Association, Terri Barber of Channing, Texas.

“The American Hereford Association just keeps growing and the Hereford breed is in high demand in the commercial or seed stock industry,” Cowan said.

The Hereford Youth Foundation of America also helps fund a scholarship program rewarding deserving junior members. On Friday, evening a record amount was reached when $142,500 was awarded in scholarship money.

An outstanding cattle breed and an even more exceptional Hereford association have showed why, “It’s a great time to be a Hereford breeder!”

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