Tough Enough to Be Royal

October 21, 2019

As much as every exhibitor wants it to, not every class they enter goes off without a hitch. Sometimes cows buck, goats and lambs rear, swine bump into each other, and occasionally, animals get loose. Not to mention, no one likes it when they are trying to be as professional as possible, and their animal lets out the loudest noise they can muster up in the moment.

However, the young exhibitors at the American Royal handle these situations with adult-like maturity and don’t let anything get in the way of making their show experience the best and most successful it can be. Whether they have to readjust, walk a circle and reposition themselves, or just give their animals a little encouragement to get back where they need to be, the young competitors do what they need to do quickly, quietly, and professionally. They show a patience far beyond their years, a lesson they will take with them outside of the world of livestock showing.

The American Royal loves to host such responsible and put together young exhibitors. These exhibitors make the Royal what it is; a well-known, well-respected show experience that great pride can be taken in hosting and being a part of.

Written By: EmilyAnne Schwinn, 2019 Livestock Media Intern